Heart Persuasions - 5/3/2009

Sermon text: Matthew 21: 23-32

“Hear ye, hear ye, all ye…”  Whoa, wait, that was last week’s sermon.  Nonetheless, let me remind you last week I said that God has given this congregation a rare gift by providing us a generous mix of leftward people and rightward people, and everything in between, and I’m talking both politically and theologically.  I also said it is my hope, as your senior pastor, to help us be a community where left and right can honor each other and talk across the great divide in our culture and in our church.  A community where serious, honest and mutually respectful conversation might occur inside this place as we worship, pray and serve together, and where our example can be a gift of shalom [God’s peace] to our community and nation. ... Read full sermon here (PDF).