Have We Forgotten Who We Are? - 09/01/2013

Sermon Text: Jeremiah 2:4-13

   Dennis the Menace once said to his mother: “Before I tell you what happened, remember I’m just a little kid.”
    My line to you this morning is: “Before I tell you any more about Jeremiah, remember I’m just a preacher.” I’m just the messenger.
    Jeremiah, the prophet of God, was just a messenger. Last week I told you that Jeremiah said to God, “I don’t know what to say.” God said, “Don’t worry about it … I’ll tell you what to say!” And WHAT God said is what Jeremiah said.
    Jeremiah’s message to the people of Israel … eventually made it into the Bible … and because of that, it is God’s message to YOU and to ME, as well. You know what he said? “You’re a bunch of crackpots!”
    Hey … as I said, I’m only the messenger! Like Jeremiah, I’d just as soon not deliver that message from the Lord, but there it is: “Each of YOU is a CRACKPOT … but so am I!”
    “How so?” you might ask
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