Forgiveness...It's Your Choice - 09/11/2011

Sermon text:  Matthew 18: 21-25

   Last week I talked about confrontation. I talked about the importance of forgiveness in the process of reconciliation and how LOVE is our motivation to forgive. I stated that it’s a kind of love that cares for the other person’s well being … wanting what is best for the  or she has made you angry. If we have that sort of love for each other, we will always want to be reconciled and will always accept each other’s apologies … because that’s what people DO who love each other. That’s what Christ DID … and DOES … with us every day.

   I want to take this idea of FORGIVENESS a step farther today … or I guess I should say this is where the lectionary is taking us … and ultimately God. … Read full sermon here (PDF)