EKG: Ministry Flows from the Heart - 10/16/2011

Sermon text:  1 Timothy 6:11-19

   A survey completed by our denomination at the end of 2010, reports that the income in three of every five congregations has declined in the wake of the economic crisis that began in late 2007. It went on to say that the majority of PC (USA) congregations have felt the impact of the economic crisis in the form of less money available from investments and savings accounts, less money available for mission and benevolence, more requests for cash assistance, more unemployment among church members, a staff salary reduction or a salary freeze, and challenges for capital campaigns and building programs. In the spring of 2011, 24% of Presbyterian ministers described their congregations financial situation as “serious” and 47% described it as “tight, but we manage.”  The latter is where we find ourselves, but if our current trend continues … we may be moving into the former. 

   No, I’m not being an alarmist … I am being a realist.

   Thanks to special gifts we have received in the last couple of years, we’ve been able to maintain our programming and our mission giving, albeit at a very reduced level … “tight, but we manage.” Our staff has not received a raise in three years … And yes, we all are very thankful for our jobs… “tight, but we manage.” … Read full sermon here (PDF)