Do You Love Walking? - 02/02/2014

Sermon Text:  Micah 6:1-8

   I’m sure you remember the old story about the man who was informed by his doctor that he had rabies. The doctor also had to inform the man that he had waited so long to go the doctor that nothing could be done about his condition. The man looked devastated, but before the doctor could console him, she was called out of the room for an emergency.
    As soon as she could return, she did. As she opened the door, the doctor noticed the patient was writing something on a piece of paper. Hesitantly the doctor asked, “Is that your will, you’re writing?” “No,” the man said, “I’m making a list of all the people I’m going to bite!”
    Have you ever noticed how much we’re into LISTS? Back in the late 70’s one of the most popular books around was “The Book of Lists.” And there have been thousands of books published like it since. I did a search on and came up with 125,747 matches of books with the word list in their title.
    These books contain such fascinating lists as:

  • 17 Questions You’ll be Asked When Applying to Become an FBI Agent.
  • 9 Visitors Who Died at Disneyland.
  • 16 Movies Banned in the US.
  • 11 Men Who Have Cried In Public.
  • 7 Famous People Expelled From School.
  • 11 Prominent People Who Died While Exercising.
  • 6 Ways Cats Talk With Their Tails.
  • 19 Innocent Americans Who Were Almost Executed.
  • 12 Museums Of Limited AppealRead full sermon here (PDF)