Declarations of Your Heart - 11/06/2011

Sermon text:  2 Corinthians 8:1-7;24

   I’ve been in church a long time. Hey, I’m going to be 60 in December and I’ve been in the Presbyterian Church for most of those years. Being brought up in the church, I was taught from an early age that “tithing” was a very important part of church membership. I can remember making a pledge to the church when I was a kid … a quarter out of my allowance each week! I was pretty faithful in my commitment.

      Well, when Karen and I were first married things changed dramatically … we had our first child, I was working with my father in a start up carpet installing business … and let me tell you, we had very little (if any) discretionary income. In other words everything that came IN … went OUT … to cover the basics of life. And I’m talking the basics: a car, food, rent, insurance, clothing, and of course, music. (Hey … I love music! A necessity!) … Read full Sermon here (PDF)