Come Gather 'Round... - 8/2/2009

Sermon text: 1 Corinthians 11: 17-34

Bob Dylan sang the song 40 years ago:

                 Come gather ‘round people

                 Wherever you roam

                 And admit that the waters

                 Around you have grown

                 And accept it that soon

                 You’ll be drenched to the bone.

                 If your time to you

                 Is worth savin’

                 Then you better start swimmin’

                 Or you’ll sink like a stone

                 For the times they are a-changin’. 

When I was growing up, the Lord’s Table was strictly a remembrance of the “Last Supper.”  You could only partake after you had become a member of the church … no children.  “For the times they are a-changin’.”  Where and how did it all begin? ... Read full sermon here (PDF).