Bigger and Better Barns - 08/04/2013

Sermon Text:  Luke 12:13-21

   In 1923, a group of the world’s most successful men met at the Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago. In the group were the president of the largest steel corporation, the greatest wheat speculator on Wall Street know as the “Great Bear of Wall Street”, the president of the New York Stock Exchange, a member of the president’s cabinet, the future director of the World Bank, the former president of the largest gas company in the US, and the head of the world’s largest monopoly. Just a few short years later … this was their fate:
  • Charles Schwab, chairman of Bethlehem Steel, died broke.
  • Jesse Livermore, the most “wondrous of the boy wonders” of Wall Street, committed suicide.
  • ichard Whitney, president of the New York Stock Exchange, served time in Sing Sing for grand larceny and was blotted out of the “Who’s Who.”
  • Albert Fall, Secretary of the Interior in Harding’s cabinet, spent time in prison for accepting a bribe and was later pardoned from prison in order that he might die at home.
  • Leon Fraser, director of the World Bank for Settlements, took his own life.
  • Howard Hopson, president of the Associated Gas and Electric utility empire, had been in prison for mail fraud charges, and died in a sanitarium.
  • Ivar Krueger, head of International Match Corporation, known as “The Match King”, died of suicide or was murdered. The truth was never known.
   ALL learned how to make money. NONE of them learned how to live. All the bulls became lambs, and Schwab’s bleating in 1930 was the most pitiful of all: “I am afraid. Every one is afraid. I don’t know, we don’t know, whether the values we have are going to be real next month or not.”
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