Beginning...Again and Again In 2010 - 1/3/2010

Sermon text: Matthew 16: 6-12 & Matthew 25: 14-18

As we begin another New Year and another New Decade, let me share a story from Elie Wiesel’s largely autobiographic novel, entitled The Town Beyond the Wall. In the novel, Elie has a young Jew named Michael, who survived the Holocaust, going back behind the Iron Curtain to his Hungarian hometown. Memories play hop scotch as he remembers how he was brutalized and how those he loved were killed. Yet, his visit is more for curiosity, not revenge. What gave Michael great pain kind of surprised him. It wasn’t his memory of those who were brutalized and tortured, no, he remembered a Christian neighbor who always stood behind his curtains and peered through the window day after day, as thousands of Jews were herded into death trains. The thing that amazed Michael was that the man behind the curtain displayed no pity, no pleasure, no shock, not even anger or interest. He was simply impassive, cold and impersonal. ... Read full sermon here (PDF).