Are You Barnabus? - 1/10/2010

Sermon text: Acts 4:32-37; 9:26-27 & 11:20-26

We moved into our house in April of 2004. Greeting us on our front lawn was a big pink flamingo ... very attractive. A card was affixed that simply said: “Welcome to Lakewood. Barnabas.” WHO is Barnabas? That’s the question many of you have asked over the years. Somebody in this congregation or maybe multiple people within this church family has taken on the identity. How many of you have received a card or a gift from Barnabas? Could it be one of the “Barn”-wells? WHO is Barnabas? Are YOU Barnabas? (By the way, another member of the congregation informed us that we should probably move the flamingo to the backyard ... it looked rather tacky out front.) ... Read full sermon here (PDF).