4 Stages of Faith Development (1) - 08/12/2012

Sermon text:  Hebrews 11:1-12

   How’s your faith? Interesting question, isn’t it… A friend from a long time ago used to ask that of everybody he met. Yes, he was a little annoying for some folks, but I thought Tom was right on. “How’s your faith?” 

   As I’ve mentioned the last few Sundays, I did a whole lot of “theological introspection” while I was away. That’s another way to say, I was trying to understand where I am on MY journey of faith.  Well, we started out with some basics those first few weeks, but now I’m inviting you to begin to go a little deeper. I want you to think about Tom’s question: “How’s your faith?” We’re going to examine that for the next few weeks, as we begin to pick up speed! … Read full sermon here (PDF)