24 Hours...Three Days Later! - 04/20/2014

Final part of our Lenten Series, 24 Hours That Changed The World

Sermon Text:  Mark 16:1-8

   In my profession … I deal with death regularly. In my personal life … I have dealt with death way too many times. And I know that in your life … you’ve been confronted with death as well. We don’t like to deal with it. We see death as an enemy to avoid. We run from it. We don’t like to talk about it in any form. We don’t even like to say the word “death.” When someone dies, we say, “They’ve passed,” or “They’re no longer with us,” or “They’ve kicked the bucket,” “bought the farm,” or “They’re pushing up daisies.” We don’t like the word “death.” It’s so final.
    And for sure, we don’t want to die … there’s so much for which to live. We just flat out … fear death. But it is inevitable. Unless Jesus returns before our last breath … we are ALL heading in that direction. It’s a part of life. So, let’s talk about death.
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