24 Hours...Prelude to the Cross - 03/16/2014

Part 2 of our Lenten Series, 24 Hours That Changed The World

Sermon Text:  Mark 14:32-42

    There’s a parable of three kings searching for truth. When asked how far they will go to discover what they seek … how deep they want to immerse themselves in its meaning … one of them answers, “Not too far, just far enough so we can say we’ve been there.”
    That’s the tourist attitude about life and tends to be the prevailing approach many of us have today. We say we want happiness in our home, health in our bodies, successes in our work. We say we want a peaceful world, less crime and violence in our streets. We say we want a higher moral standard and less corruption in our community.
    But WHAT are we willing to do? How FAR are we willing to go to bring what we say we want to reality?
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