24 Hours...Barabbas Or Jesus? It's Your Vote - 03/30/2013

Part 4 of our Lenten Series, 24 Hours That Changed The World

Sermon Text: Mark 15:1-15a

    All four Gospels make reference to Barabbas, the man who got more votes than Jesus did on that fateful Good Friday so long ago. As we move through our Lenten series: 24 Hours That Changed The World … we can’t avoid a discussion of this “popular” man.
    In his book Personalities Of The Passion, Leslie Weatherhead writes: “Matthew and Mark tell us that the priests incited the multitude to choose Barabbas as the one who should be released by the act of clemency with which the government marked the day of Jewish festival. It seems a strange choice.” (New York and Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1953, p. 87)
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