Weird Worship

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: John 4:16-26

The phrase ‘in spirit and in truth’ describes two essential characteristics of true worship: in spirit, as distinguished from place or form or other sensual limitations; in truth, as distinguished from the false conceptions resulting from imperfect knowledge.” - Word Studies in the New Testament

We have come to week 3 in our Keep Church Weird series and this morning we’re going to be talking about Weird Worship. My whole inspiration for this series actually began here with the subject of weird worship when I read an article by a young woman named Rachel Held Evans in which she said that the church ought to “keep worship weird.” If you haven’t heard of Rachel Held Evans, she is a writer and a blogger and she is also a millennial. She writes and speaks about her spiritual journey and search for what she calls a “truer and more authentic Christianity.” At some stage she left the church for a time, but she has since returned, and Rachel’s journey out of church reflects the trend that we are seeing in our culture, especially among young people. You have likely heard the statistics about how membership and attendance in our denomination have been shrinking in recent years along with other alarming statistics that tell us a quarter of the US population now identify as “none” (meaning people with no religious affiliation)…See full sermon here