Some Parting Suggestions

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: 1 Corinthians 3:5-15

I want to start out today by thanking you for your welcome and hospitality and kindness to Sally and me this past year and a half. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed being part of this community. I know I have grown stronger in my faith because of you, and I have learned important things from you. We are grateful.

I’m also grateful for the very fine staff of this church: Brian Mitchell, Tony Testino, Suzanne Deaton, Sara Maguire, Cierra Griffin, Billy Bray, Daniel Madoff, Chris Ross, Nancy Brown, Robyn Ossi of the Preschool and her staff, and also to Meg Sheffield, Doris York, and Dennis Ice, who were on staff when I came. And I should mention Marty Succi, who coordinates Meals-on-Wheels from our kitchen. It’s been a joy to work with all of them, and I think this church is very blessed to have them.

And I should mention - maybe most emphatically of all — my wife Sally for all her support and advice during my time here. She too enjoyed Lakewood, her Sunday school class, the great music, Brian’s preaching, and the fellowship events and all your other ministries…See full sermon here