Reboot Series "Commit to Prayer"

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: John 15:1-11

Those of us with children have finished the second week of school now, and today we’re into the second week of our Sunday morning church programs, and in our worship time I’m hoping to help us capitalize on this new beginning energy and use it to help us “reboot” our spiritual operating systems. In this series we’re talking about some basic spiritual disciplines that we can commit or recommit to practicing that God can use to help us either recover, or maintain, vitality, and growth, and forward motion in our spiritual lives. Last week we talked about the importance of reading Scripture regularly and today we’re looking at the practice of prayer.

Probably one of the most basic things to say about prayer is that it’s just communicating with God- both listening to and speaking to God. That seems simple enough, yet Christians have been thinking about, and writing about, and practicing ways to pray for thousands of years now. Much can be said and has been said about prayer, and I know that you aren’t novices on the subject or the practice. This church is full of praying people and I don’t discount that. You and I know that prayer is important, and I think we trust that there is power in prayer, but, like I said about Bible reading, or eating healthy, or getting exercise- sometimes even though we know it’s good to do something, we don’t necessarily do it. The same is true with prayer….See full sermon here