Are We Risen Indeed?

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: 2 Corinthians 5:17 and Romans 6:1-11

Jesus has risen from the dead! On Friday the Light of the World was extinguished, but today that light has been reignited like one of those magic birthday candles and it will never be extinguished again. This is the good news that we celebrate today with Christians all over the world. Now for some people, the question of the day is, did the resurrection really even happen? Is it just a story with no real historical, factual basis, because that certainly seems to be most likely given the normal laws of nature and science? People don’t come back to life from the grave. It’s impossible. If that is the question that’s on your mind today, I encourage you to pursue it. We aren’t going to pursue that particular question here this morning, but there are some helpful resources that examine the evidence of the empty tomb and show that there are good reasons to believe that the testimony that we find in Scripture is reliable and true. The Case for Easter by investigative journalist Lee Stroble is one example. Here this morning, though, I want to speak to the question that was raised in the drama that we just saw. This is a group of people who, like most of us, claim to believe that the resurrection is a historical fact. We heard the chaplain say, “He is alive!” and everyone agreed, “He is alive indeed,” but then Steve became thoughtful and asked, “what about us?” That is a good Easter question for those who say they believe….See full sermon here