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Sermon Text: John 14:23-29

I wonder if anyone here remembers that last time that you got a personal letter. I have gotten some nice cards with short messages on them in recent weeks, and those little cards are always a welcome interruption in the steady stream of junk mail, but I don’t know for sure when I last got a real handwritten, multi-page letter that contained news or a story about a friend’s life or their thoughts on some subject that they wanted to share about. I’m thinking it was probably sometime in the early 2000’s while I was in seminary in CA. I know for sure that I wrote and received lots of letters during the years between Jr. high and the year after my graduation from college, but in the early 2000’s when email was big and cell phones were becoming even bigger, my letter writing and receiving days began to drop off drastically and I’m sure your experience is similar…See full sermon here