Alive in Christ - Changed

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: John 13:31-35

I couldn’t believe it this week when I realized that today would already be the 5th week of Easter, but it is, and we’re continuing today and for 2 more weeks with our Easter season sermon series, Alive in Christ. In this series we’re thinking about how our lives are affected by Jesus’s resurrection- not just in the future when we go to heaven, but now. As a quick review we’ve said that when we are alive in Christ we are sent. We are raised with him to a life meant to be lived on mission. We have said we are free- free from anything in our past that would disqualify us from being included with or used by Jesus. We have said we are secure. When we are united with Christ in his death and resurrection through faith, nothing can break that union and we can be confident in our salvation because God is faithful. That brings us to this week, and I have to tell you that I had a difficult time coming up with a one-word title that would describe the aspect of Easter life that we’ll see in the Scriptures this morning. I went with “changed,” and it is a good word to describe what happens in our lives when Jesus comes into them, yet it’s also true that even as we are changed right away- becoming new creations as Paul says- we also begin a process of changing that is ongoing…See full sermon here