A Weird Message

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Galatians 1:6-10

I want to start by saying that it is good to finally be here! We have been looking forward to getting here, and I have to thank you for the beautiful and warm welcome you have given to us. It has been a very smooth transition so far and that is in no small part because of the way you have welcomed us and helped us with things as we’ve tried to get settled in. We would be eating on the floor if Lenora and William Wilson hadn’t loaned us a folding table because ours broke in the move, and we might not have eaten at all in the first 48 hours if the Wilson’s, and the Griffins, and the Mitchells hadn’t fed us.

Our first week here we got mostly unpacked and attended to the important things like getting Wi-Fi hooked up, and this past week, our first week of “real life,” we have been trying to figure out a lot of things like what time we need to leave for school in the morning, and what day the garbage gets collected, and which grocery store is the most convenient. As you know, if you’ve moved, there is so much to learn when you start over in a completely new city and we are definitely in the thick of it, but I’m aware as I am meeting many of you for the first time today, that my girls and I aren’t the only ones who are on a learning curve right now. Ours may be a little steeper than yours in general since we can still barely even drive anywhere without the GPS yet, but you have a brand new pastor and you have a pretty steep learning curve in front of you when it comes to getting to know me. I’m grateful that so many of you have expressed that you are excited about meeting me and getting to know me, but chances are there’s a part of you that’s wondering, “what are we in for with this lady? What is this woman really like and what is she going to do here?”

Of course, I can’t answer all of those questions right away, partly because I don’t think you’re interested in a 2 hour sermon and partly because I don’t even know yet everything that I am going to do here as your pastor. What I can tell you is that there are a few things that I think are really important that I want us to embrace and carry with us no matter what we end up doing together in this new season of ministry, and those are the things that I want to talk about in our sermon series over the next few weeks. So, here it is, one of the first things you’re learning about me is that I think church should be weird and I am going to be committed to keeping this church weird.

Now those of you who are weird and like to embrace your weirdness- and I’ll admit to being in that category myself- you guys may be feeling really good about that, but some of you who have never been or done a weird thing in your life may be wondering what is about to happen here so before anyone decides to jump ship, let me explain myself… See full sermon here