Why Evil?

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Sermon text: Job 2:1-10

 “There was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job,” begins our story. The location of the land of Uz is unknown, but one commentator suggests that Uz is wherever trouble is. 
Job was “blameless and upright,” says v. 1. Job may not have been an historical person but an ideal figure who stands for everyone who suffers undeservedly.
Job is materially blessed. He has ten children, who all get along with each other. He offers extra sacrifices for his kids, just in case they do anything wrong. He has thousands of herds and flock. He’s a prominent and highly respected person in his community. 
All this is evidence of God’s favor, and those in the ancient world who read this story would assume Job was rewarded for his good behavior. “Blessed are those who walk not in the counsel of the wicked…but delight in the law of the Lord,” says Psalm 1. Illness and poverty, personal and national catastrophes were generally believed to be divine punishments for sin. And wealth and prosperity and health and peace were the rewards of righteousness...
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