Waiting on a Friend

Sermon Text:  Luke 2:22-40

I would like to wish you all a happy seventh day of Christmas. Presbyterians, as most of you know we follow a liturgical calendar. What that means is while it seems the whole country is kicking off Christmas in October, (well most of our department stores are anyway). And of course The Hallmark Channel which thinks Christmas starts in August! And if we are being honest, for most of us, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it is Christmas time, the lights go up, the tree goes up and the Christmas Music goes on.

Yet those of us who look at the liturgical calendar, know that Christmas does not start until December 25th and lasts for 12 days, until January 5th, which means we are now on the seventh day of Christmas so I am, on the lookout for the swans a swimming...Read full sermon here (PDF)