The Bigger They Are...

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: 1 Samuel 17:4-11, 40-51

I love Frederick Buechner’s description of Goliath:  “Goliath stood ten feet tall in his stocking feet, wore a size twenty collar and a 52 inch belt” – reminds me of a defensive tackle for the Jaguars. “When he put his full armor on, he not only looked like a Sherman tank but weighed like one. Even stripped to the bare essentials he had plenty to carry around, and flesh and bones were the least of it. There was the burdensome business of having to defend his title against all comers. There were the mangled remains of the runners-up. When he tried to think something out it was like struggling through a hip-deep bog. When he tried to explain something it was like trying to push a truck uphill. His dark moods were leaden and his light moods elephantine. He considered underarm deodorant a sign of effeminacy.” ...See full sermon here