Shoveling With Teaspoons

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Sermon Text: Mark 4:26-34 and Matthew 13:33 

I was a youth pastor in Charlotte more years ago than I care to mention. It was my first full-time job in the ministry. And the first year was awful. Only a few kids came to the Sunday night youth meetings. I wasn’t a charismatic speaker or a pied piper who could draw teenagers to meetings with my personal magnetism. I was a boring scholar just out of seminary with my head still full of Greek and Hebrew and systematic theology. The programs I planned were boring. One night I gave them a lecture on the proofs of God in Medieval theology. Some kids snored through it, while others heckled me from the back seats with snide comments. Needless to say, many didn’t come back after that. I sense a similar discouragement and fear today in our Presbyterian denomination at dwindling membership and money. But I find the parables before us today from Mark and Matthew encouraging. Let’s call them parables of growth. They describe several characteristics of Christian growth...see full sermon here