Seeking the Living Among the Dead

Sermon Text: Luke 24:1-11

One night in Nashville, Tennessee, when I was a pastor there, I volunteered at St. Patrick’s Winter Shelter for homeless families. It was on the top floor of a Catholic church. As I reached the top of the long staircase – I always lost my breath on the way up – the first person I saw was Pat Zotloukal. “Uh oh.” I thought. ”He’s back.” I’d met Pat six months before at the shelter with his family. They’d come to Nashville from Iowa looking for work after their restaurant failed. Their kids enrolled in the Nashville schools, and the family stayed at the shelter while Pat and his wife got jobs and saved enough money for rent. My friend John Paul Walters, a Christian musician, volunteered with me that night, and we spent the evening with Pat and his family, playing guitar and swapping stories. Now, six months later, he was back at the shelter. “Oh no!” I thought to myself. “What happened?”  See full sermon here