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Sermon Text: John 6: 1-14

One of the defining moments of my youth, and maybe one of the most self-indulgent stories I could tell. The 1978 World Cup, Scotland V Holland. Scotland had a terrible World Cup, losing to Peru and tying with Iran. They needed to beat Holland, one of the world’s greatest teams at the time, by 3 goals to qualify from their group. An impossible task. Somehow Scotland found themselves 2-1 up. Archie Gemmill picks up the ball with 5 Dutch defenders in front of him. He slips it past the first guy. Plays it between the next 2, suddenly it has all opened up, just the goalkeeper to beat. He delicately chips it over the keeper and he scores. It was a beautiful thing.

A soccer ball, that’s all it is, I can kick it around and make it look OK, but put it at the feet of Archie Gemmill with the whole Dutch defense in front of him and he does something extraordinary with it.

A simple paintbrush. I can use this and make some form of painting that will not be too pretty, but in the hands of a master, it produces the Mona Lisa. Something that is adored by millions for generations to come.

In the hands of the master, something beautiful and wonderful can be done with the most limited resources. And yes, I did just put Archie Gemmill’s goal against Holland on the same level as the Mona Lisa…See full sermon here