Build It Up

Sermon Audio

Sermon Text: Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2

Today’s passage is taken from the letter to the young church in Ephesus. As some of you know I was a high school soccer coach for many years. I have given hundreds of team talks through the years. As I read through Ephesians I sometimes think it reads like a coach’s team talk. And it’s a young team, some are new to the game, some need coached on the basics, some need reminded of some of the things they already know. There is a feel of, “Ok, we’ve had a good start to the season, here is what as a good team, we need to work together on, and here is what we need to do to take it to the next level. C’mon everyone let’s get this going, time to lift our game.”We have had these letters all our life to read over and ponder, discuss and debate, but I wonder if we can put ourselves in the place of the early Christians in Ephesus as they were read this letter in church for the first time. A letter written by the top coach of the time, The Apostle Paul, written specifically to their situation. I wonder if it pumped them up to go out play a great game. That we will never know, but as I read through the letter this week I felt the inspiration to change, the word of God still speaks to us today. Feel free to consider this a little team talk for our spiritual journey...See full sermon here