Take Me Higher

Sermon Text: Acts 1:6-14

This is Kenny Dalglish. (show picture) This picture hangs in my office. Kenny is my favorite football (or is that soccer) player of all time. When I was a wee boy he played for my team, the Celtics. He also played for Scotland. He scored lots of great goals. You can watch some clips on YouTube. He was amazing and up there with Messi and Ronaldo in my book. He was my hero. In 1977, Kenny did the unthinkable. He left the Celtics and joined the Liverpool team. I was 10, and it was then that I realized football players don’t have the same loyalty to their teams as the fans do. It was a growing up moment! I remember thinking, “What are we going to do now that he is gone? He was such an important player. What are we going to do? What now?” ...Read full sermon here (PDF)