In the Light

Sermon Text: Matthew 17:1-9

Most of you know, I like to tell stories. I may have told these two before. I hope not. 
I remember a youth-lock in many years ago, when after the games and food and movies and all the other great stuff that happens at a lock-in, we had our evening devotion. It turned out to be a particularly moving time; it was one of those times when it seemed God was walking through the room. At the end, we stood in a circle to pray, and, as we prayed, I had the urge to sing a worship song. Now, anyone who has heard me sing knows this could end up in a bad way! The song, I Love You, Lord, and I Lift My Voice, was running through my head. It did not end up coming out of my lips, however. I kept thinking things like, “these kids don’t sing,” “they will think this is stupid,” or “I will end up singing by myself and looking weird.” After a few minutes of silence and my fighting the urge I felt inside to sing, I decided not to do it. The silence continued for a moment, Then one of our youth, who was unbelievably a worse singer than I and more of an introvert and the last guy in the group who you would imagine would do such a thing, started singing. I heard the words, “I Love You Lord, and I Lift My Voice,” coming from his lips. The whole group started singing, and it went on for a while as the kids experienced a moment of fellowship that was very special. After it was over, hugs and tears were shared. I watched all of this going on, feeling blessed to be part of it. This does not happen every day in youth ministry! It was almost as if I could hear God saying, “Brian, if you won’t follow me, I’ll find someone who will.” It was a very humbling moment, and I shared it with the group later and thanked Mark, who sang, for actually listening and responding to the Spirit’s prompting. What a moment, what a lesson.
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