Where Can I Be Safe?

Sermon Text:  Psalm 46

While a man, dressed in a devil costume, was walking to a costume party, it began to rain torrentially. The man ran for the first cover he could find, which happened to be a Baptist church ... in the middle of a Wednesday night service.  He ran directly into the sanctuary to the shock of everybody in the place.  The entire congregation panicked ... the room cleared out, all except for one unfortunate little old lady who was trapped between the door and the “Devil”.  With fear and trembling the woman pleaded, “You know I've been on your side all along!”

            I could go a couple of different ways with this illustration, but I want to focus on those two words at the end of the story: fear and trembling.

            With all that’s been going on around us in the last year, the question that many of us are asking is: Where Can I Be Safe?

            All of us want to know that our home is safe, our family is safe, our church is safe ... that those we love are safe...Read full sermon here (PDF)