I'll Be Home For Christmas

Sermon Text:  Luke 2:8-20

Thank you Tony. (Tony played the song before I preached.)  Through the years that song has meant different things to me at this time of year … depending upon the circumstances.

            One such time I will never forget … occurred when we lived in Colorado.  It was a Christmas present for my parents.  A couple of weeks before Christmas, Karen, Kerry, Jeremy (1 year old at the time) and I recorded a few Christmas songs on a cassette tape (accompanied by my guitar) and then sent it to my brother, Sam, with very detailed instructions.  Our family Tradition was to gather in the afternoon on Christmas Day at Mom and Dad’s home for a gift exchange and then dinner.  Well, Sam was to have them open our present when they all sat down to eat.  As Mom and Dad listened to the songs, along with the rest of the family, they didn’t really understand the full significance.  They thought it was nice, but ...

            However, the last song we recorded was I’ll be Home for Christmas.  Now understand, we had lived in California prior to Colorado and we hadn’t been home for Christmas in 7 years.  As the song ended, we all said, “Merry Christmas!  We will be home for Christmas.”  An hour later, after our flight from Denver, renting a car and driving to their place from Pittsburgh … we were all together again in their home!...Read full sermon here (PDF)