He Said What? Part 2

Sermon Text:  Luke 17:7-10

So believe it or not, I used to be in a drama group, well drama is probably too strong a word for what we did, but 3 of my friends and I would perform comedy skits to share our faith. We got to the point where local churches would have us out for events to be the support act for a preacher or a band; it was fun. At some point it got out of hand, and we were invited to a fairly big event. I remember backstage, it got real for us and we were terrified, feeling a little out of our depth. We always had a time of prayer before we went out, and I remember praying, “God, we need you, we cannot do this, we need more faith. Help us and all glory and honor goes to you for what happens.” It went well and when people afterwards said, “you guys were great,” well, of course, we took as much glory and honor as we could. We had a lot to learn...Read full sermon here (PDF)