Funny Accents

Sermon Text:  Acts 2:1-13

Today is Pentecost, the day we remember and celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. And as we heard from Acts, chapter 2, it is not a quiet underplayed showing up of the Holy Spirit. It is Hollywood-style drama. There is wind and fire and strange languages. It’s not always the most comfortable day for us Presbyterians. We usually prefer to hear the still, small voice of God, the whisper in our ear. I love the movie Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner. He plays a rookie farmer who is figuring out how he can make his farm successful. I love the scene where he is walking through his cornfield and he hears the small voice in a whisper saying, “If you build it he will come.” He looks around and sees nothing and yells at his wife, “Hey, Annie, what was that, that voice?” She hears nothing, of course. He hears the whisper again, “Hey, you must have heard that.” I think that may be how we Presbyterians prefer to hear God; we love the mystery, “Hey did you hear that?” I think God may be leading us in this way.

The drama of the day of Pentecost is not always what we are comfortable with. I mean we relate all that to, well, Pentecostals. Pentecostals are that wonderful charismatic branch of the Christian Church who emphasize being baptized with the Holy Spirit which results in speaking in tongues and other physical manifestations of the Spirit. Not something we see every week at LPC.

So what does a Presbyterian make of Pentecost? Face it, we’re not very Pentecostal. Read full sermon here (PDF)