Doing What Is Not Your Duty

Sermon Text: Matthew 5:1-11 & Matthew 5:38-48

This is kind of a milestone for me today.  It’s my 500th sermon that I’ve preached to you here at LPC.  And on this Memorial Day weekend as I begin, I want to share a couple of memories from one of our country’s greatest allies … Winston Churchill.

            Here is the first: At the age of 91, just a few months before his death, Churchill was invited to give a commencement address.  He looked awful and he had to be helped to the podium.  Everyone waited in silence for his first words.  He spoke: “Never give up!  Never give up!”  Then he turned and sat down.  The audience rose with admiring applause.  How inspiring!  A speech we can all remember: “Never give up!”

            Here is the second story: Churchill carefully planed his funeral, which, as I said, followed shortly after that famous commencement address.  In St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, every part of the service was memorable.  At the end of the service, a bugler stood on the balcony and played Taps … notes that signal the end of the day.  Just as people were wiping away their tears, from higher in the sanctuary, another bugler stood and played Reveille: “It’s time to get up, it’s time to get, it’s time to get up in the morning.”

            “Never give up!”  “Time to get up!”

            No … I’m not done.  But these two phrases will guide the rest of the sermon today.  And I hope it is memorable...Read full sermon here (PDF)