The Birth...Away in a Manger

Sermon Text: Luke 2:1-20

On December 14, my grandniece, Rosalee Alice was born in Morgantown, WVA.  She would have been my brother Ron’s third grandchild.  Facebook is such a wonderful thing.  In the pictures posted the day she was born, we got to see the birthing room where her daddy, Josh, first got to hold her … and then a little later, my niece, Sarah holding her baby there in the room in her hospital bed.  It was comfortable, clean, warm and brightly lit.  It was one of those rooms they call a birthing suite … equipped with all the latest technology.  It was exactly the sort of place where you’d want your baby to be born.

            As I thought about Rosalee’s birth, I remembered once again how the almighty and infinite God entered our world in exactly that way … as a little child.  I was overwhelmed just thinking about it.  And then I got to thinking about the place where that baby was born.

            What struck me, as I admired Rosalee’s hospital room, is that Jesus was born in such a different place … not in an immaculate birthing suite, but in a manger … a place where they feed animals...Read full sermon here (PDF)