Real Life...Now What

Sermon Text: Matthew 2:13-18

It’s hard not to feel a little let down on the Sunday after Christmas.  Nothing is as over as Christmas when it’s over.  The empty boxes, the pretty paper on the floor, the empty cartons of eggnog stuffed into the trash bag.  Life moves back to normal, whatever that is, and it means that the diversion of the past few weeks, the frenzy and fuss, the lights and glitter are packed away once again like the star at the top of the tree.  And what’s left?  A war in Afghanistan, ISIS, homeless people sleeping in door stoops, hungry people begging for food, worries about health, kids that concern us, jobs that wear us down.  We’re back to where we left off before the holidays.  Like the folks who were left in town after the Lone Ranger had been for a visit, we might ask out loud, “Who was that masked man?”  Or better yet, “Who was that babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, left lying in a manger?”

            Well, we haven’t moved that far from Christmas yet.  We’re just two days away from celebrating Christ’s birth.  But there is the inevitable letdown.  So much was packed into the four weeks of Advent.  We can talk about keeping Christmas all year long, but who could handle it?  We sure don’t want the clogged roads out at the Town Center or around the Avenues Mall all year.  And who on earth could maintain that pace of eating?  Okay, okay … maybe I can.

            Actually, we need a little respite from all the busyness, don’t we?  Mary and Joseph weren’t allowed to reside permanently in Bethlehem and neither can we.  It’s back to the real world and real life … now what? Read full sermon here (PDF)