The Rock

Sermon text:  I Samuel 7:3-12  

When you approach the city of Stirling, in the center of Scotland, from almost any direction, one of the first things you see is the tall tower built on top of a cliff in honor of the Scottish hero William Wallace. It was built on top of the crag where allegedly Wallace and his men camped on the evening before the battle at Stirling Bridge. Mentioning Stirling Bridge may confuse you if you have watched the movie Braveheart, for the Battle of Stirling in the movie is fought on a field, but in reality, Wallace camped high up on the crag, where he saw the English army, which outnumbered his army quite considerably, descend from Stirling Castle to approach the battlefield...see full sermon here 

Our Single Mission

Sermon Text: Mark 1:14-20 John 1:43-51

According to the scriptures, the church has one job, not several jobs. To imagine that it has more than one leads to confusion and waste. Once upon a time a woman who was dying of appendicitis arrived in an ambulance at a hospital. She was taken immediately to surgery. The doctor and nurses washed and scrubbed and entered the OR to operate. But one of them suggested that they first paint the operating room. “It’s needed a fresh coat for a long time,” said a nurse. “You’re right!” replied a surgeon. So they found some paint and brushes and painted and painted until the room was finished. It looked good!...See full sermon here

Waiting on a Friend

Sermon Text:  Luke 2:22-40

I would like to wish you all a happy seventh day of Christmas. Presbyterians, as most of you know we follow a liturgical calendar. What that means is while it seems the whole country is kicking off Christmas in October, (well most of our department stores are anyway). And of course The Hallmark Channel which thinks Christmas starts in August! And if we are being honest, for most of us, as soon as Thanksgiving is over, it is Christmas time, the lights go up, the tree goes up and the Christmas Music goes on.

Yet those of us who look at the liturgical calendar, know that Christmas does not start until December 25th and lasts for 12 days, until January 5th, which means we are now on the seventh day of Christmas so I am, on the lookout for the swans a swimming...Read full sermon here (PDF)


Smells Like Christmas

Sermon Text:  Luke 2:1-10 & 2 Corinthians 2:14-17

What an exciting time, Christmas Eve, we never tire of hearing that story, I’d like to thank Haidyn, Kendyl and Taylor for their reading this evening.  We are so glad you are here to worship with us this morning, we have 2 big services this evening and I know the temptation could be to have a lie in and come along later, so I am grateful.

I wonder if I was to ask you what Christmas smells like, what you would say. Any takers? I hope you are getting a smell of the pine and the apple cider, the smells of Christmas for many. We seem to like scented pine cones. I have to say though, we have a lot of pine trees around our house and the pine cones are falling right now. I picked up a bunch this week and they don’t smell like anything. The smell of Christmas for me includes coal...Read full sermon here (PDF)


Meditation on Joy

Sermon Text: Isaiah 61:1-17

The Old Testament gives many people the impression that God is a wrathful God, always angry and ready to punish sinners. There is a dark thread of judgment in the scriptures from Genesis to Malachi, the last book in the Old Testament. But there are also many signs of hope in it. In Isaiah 61, which I just read, God commands the prophet to “comfort all who mourn” and to give them “a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning.”...Read full meditation here



Getting Ready for Christ

Sermon Text: Isaiah 40:1-11  Mark 1:1-8  

Christ is coming, so the world has to get ready for him. This is what John the Baptist is about. H.G. Wells wrote in his novel, War of the Worlds, that while the Martians were preparing to invade Earth, people on Earth went about their business serene in their assurance that they were in control of events, totally unaware of the disaster about to befall them...Read full sermon here